Listener Crossword 4475 Follow The Directions By Artix

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perseverer | 21:51 Fri 03rd Nov 2017 | Crosswords
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A very clever construction form Artix. Grid fill not too difficult, but making sense of the scissor work took a little bit of thought. Other than being aware of the title, I was not familiar with the thematic work, so Google and Wiki to the rescue (again.)


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I cannot say that I found the gridfill to be all that easy. Having achieved that though, I am perfectly content to pause here and complete the puzzle in the cold light of a new day. Thanks Artix, it's been fun . . . so far.
Yes, great fun from start to finish and wasn't it good to have normal clues with no gimmick. A superb construction. Thanks, Artix.
What a fine puzzle. And lovely clues with great surface readings - it sounds obvious but it's lovely to have fine clues at the heart of a Listener. Very many thanks, Artix.
Found the grid fill pretty easy and not particularly enthused by the prospect of the scissor business, which we shall reserve for another day. Something different at least.
Excellent clueing and (after a satisfying PDM) while I have not yet reached for the scissors it is clear what needs to be done. Another masterful puzzle from Artix.
I thought this was excellent.

Fun and games for John Green too.
How do you even begin to design a puzzle like this? But what fun it was!
Well you're all cleverer than me! The smug feeling of satisfaction I got from filling the grid and getting the theme in under an hour has long disappeared, since I have spent most of the day trying to work out what I am supposed to cut out of the grid. I will have to give up as I set off for a week's travels tomorrow. I would love to congratulate Artix on his clever construction, but since I don't know what it is I am unable to do so.
Now I can congratulate Artix as I got it at the eleventh hour (literally!). All in place at last. I'm not convinced that two of the words in the preamble are an accurate description, but I'm not by any means an expert in these things and may be wrong. I'm glad I can rest easy on my travels!
This construction defies logic. It’s astonishing. Many thanks, Artix, for my favourite puzzle this year.
What a brilliant puzzle. It calls to mind Kea's wonderful grid involving the chopping down of the cherry tree.
I confess that my interest began to wane when I had still not found a hidden hero after around half an hour of grid-staring, but a change of tack led me to something else, and I struck gold with Google's help. The rest was a straightforward logical process, guided by hints in the preamble.

Some superb clues as well, (three of which I still haven't fully worked out). This has turned out to be one of the most enjoyable puzzles this year.

I loved that the endgame at first appeared incomprehensible, but turned out to have a logical path with just enough information given in various forms to pin it down. Brilliant.
Very nice too!

I was expecting a different (more obvious?) decagon but I was pleased that everything was kept relatively simple so I didn't have to cut up my working copy.

Great construction, Artix. Many thanks.
Brilliant - just Brilliant

A very conventional (but tricky and satisfying) gridfill and then a long pause for thought.

As so often, the answer came when I stopped actually staring at the grid and allowed the darker recesses of my brain to work away in the background whilst I got on with shopping at Aldi - there must be a few shoppers there who thought the bloke with the mad beaming grin had won the lottery (or was just away with the fairies) when I realised what was needed.

Thanks Artix - a good one.

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Listener Crossword 4475 Follow The Directions By Artix

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