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yellow11 | 21:43 Wed 13th Sep 2017 | Crosswords
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last one!
11d plod retrogressively in part 4 TRO?


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sorry-wrong one-meant to ask about 24d mum on sunday(but not always)cooked old-style chips ?AUNDS looks like maunds but can't find definition to fit re chips=old golf clubs?????????????
Easy one? ...trog...?
Maund/s can be a weight, a basket or to beg - old style chips, I'm struggling to tie in.
Chambers gives basket as a def of chip, but doesn't suggest the usage is archaic.
Interesting, I thought maybe beg was synonymous with chip but couldn't back it up.

Good shout though V_E.
Have found a reference to osier chips and maunds which were used in the fishing industry.
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many thanks
trot ?
lol ignore that

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