Times Jumbo 1269 Cryptic

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bigdave1954 | 19:03 Sun 04th Jun 2017 | Crosswords
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What a stinker! Loads left but these will help. 29d Evidently overweight male after maybe a large rum punch (6,7) DOUBLE C??????
38a Old country story teller cut across yard (5) L?S?A
21a Let's assume all's well, despite this gloomy view of the press (2,4,2,4,4)
8a Contribute drama separately (4,1,4) ??A?/?/???T



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29. Double chinned
21. no news is good news
21 No news is good news

8 Play a part
38. Lydia lia(r) across yd
8. play a part
29d Double-chinned - 'Ned' (male, after) 'double chin (punch)'
38a Lydia - 'lia(r)' (cut, across) 'y(ar)d'
21a No news is good news
8a Play a part

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Times Jumbo 1269 Cryptic

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