Guardian Easter Quiz 27,172

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clueless44 | 16:01 Tue 18th Apr 2017 | Crosswords
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Nearly done. Phew!
C Far out - for certain, adrift (7) I have ci-u-e- thought it might be Citroen but have u from lotus.
F All the stops pulled out, getting drunk with music maker (4,5). I have fr-l/-r-a- Looks like something organ.
V Very wrong about pop group (5). I have -e-o- Looks like venom as in venom GT world's fastest car.

May have something entered incorrectly but can't see where. Help with parsing would be appreciated from my fellow conspirators. Gracias.


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C - definitely Citroen
V - Velox, car. V =Very, ELO, pop group and X, wrong.
Citroen anagram of for certain minus far
Full organ

Lotus and Citroen are quite far apart in the completed grid.
Citroen is an anagram - take 'far' out of 'for certain'.
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Brilliant. Thank you neveracrossword & toorak. I can see you have both been quite busy with this one.
I had probably got a bit excited towards the end and had transposed 'zorro' & 'lotus'. Bit sad really!
Glad I could help. I had more trouble fitting in the five-letter words than the longer ones!
Citroen is right. Lotus is in the wrong place.
^ ^ Resolute, I think you may have missed the earlier responses.
Full Organ will let things fall into place. And Velox is the car you need.
Question Author
All present and correct ...... thanks.

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Guardian Easter Quiz 27,172

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