How Do You Feel About The Daily Mail Change

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CrapAtCryptics | 11:23 Tue 04th Apr 2017 | Crosswords
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The Daily Mail is proposing to change its points benefits structure to Nectar point based. Do you agree with what I posted them below?
"Not a great idea - Nectar points are one of the worst value reward schemes and very selective on what level of points you receive. I am reasonably certain that most readers will consider this a retrograde step.

I already find the Mail offers very narrowly focussed so any reduction will lead me to take my business elsewhere.

For example Expedia only give 200 points on flights/hotels costing £100s"

Mail online subscriber.


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I agree with goodgoalie. Nectar points are useless to me..
11:36 Tue 04th Apr 2017
Terrible idea, as Nectar points no use to me - nowhere to spend them near me. Have previously had several Tesco £5 vouchers from Mail Points, but that will no doubt stop now.
I agree with goodgoalie. Nectar points are useless to me..

Not a great idea imo.
That now will give me a good reason to stop buying it. Dreadful right wing rag anyway. It used to be a good paper years ago
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I agree with you all - saving for a £25 voucher maybe twice a year was a nice treat and maybe a turkey at Christmas - thumbs down to the Mail.
I have had a good few £25 M& S vouchers..just need 150 points to claim what will be a final tenner..doubt I will continue as Nectar is no good for me either
I wholeheartedly agree , I shall no longer save the numbers when it changes . I don't go into sainsburys . I used to look forward to my M&S voucher every so often . Now I just feel a bit cheated

Was John Lewis vouchers for us!
I'll miss M&S vouchers but will collect nectar points and used them towards a Christmas shop in Sainsbury's, so still worth doing for me.
No Sainsburys near me and I think I've only used the Belfast shop twice! Ergo a complete waste as far as I'm concerned. Did the Mail never hear the phrase 'If it's not broke.....'?
Aren't they giving half the number of points as well now? Used to get 20 mail point Monday-Friday so should get 10 nectar points but now getting 5.At weekends I think got 75 and 100 points on Saturday and Sunday now get 10 and 15 Nectar points which is 20 and 30 daily mail points.
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yes Foxy as I`ve said before they are already the worst value loyalty points around.
I agree with other postings. Not at all happy as I use points to do weekly shop in Morrisons. I occasionally use Sainsburys and Argos, but that's it, so not much good to me.
If you bought the mail every day of the week you collected 275 mail points. Now you will collect 80 nectar points. So 80 multiplied by 2 equals 275?
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Today I got a pricely 5 nectar points when it used to be 20 Mail points - not exactly half is it - I emailed them for an explanation - still waiting.
Hi CrapAtCryptics
I also e-mailed them about the reduction of points per week. Their response was that because you will be able to earn extra points from other partners that you can get your £5 sooner. Although if you only collect from the Mail it will now take just over 12 weeks to get £5.
Still not a good deal I feel.
I too have complained to "My Mail" about the measly number of points awarded for the weekend editions of the Mail. All we get now are 35 Nectar points for Sat & Sun instead of 175 Mail point previously.

However, you can still get your vouchers if you go to the My Mail home page and click on "Offers" at the top. There are not as many choices as there were before but should suit most people.

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How Do You Feel About The Daily Mail Change

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