Rte Guide Christmas Crossword

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ducksie | 21:53 Mon 12th Dec 2016 | Crosswords
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I'm hoping someone that's seen this crossword could help with this clue, it makes no sense to me at all

54 across (3,4) First ever story may not be gospel-unless you've seen it on RTE 2 too? T?E ?A?L

After a week of looking at it, I'd be delighted to finally put it away, I did think The Fall with Gillian Anderson but that's on RTE 1, Thanks


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Seen as The Fall but can't help with any explanation sorry
Adam and Eve's fall from grace.
ah wrong channel, sorry Ducksie.
Has to be The Fall. Prob an error
Question Author
That's great Cashier and Mamya, I had it in my head as the Fall, for the same reasons as Mamya, I guess it must be, not gospel here means it can't be true. I'll go with that
Thanks ever so much for the answers
Question Author
No error Elliemay, that's it :)
I meant an error with the wrong TV channel!
Question Author
Oh right, thanks
Forget that! I've just looked at the link
Shows RTE2 in my link.
Sin é!
Question Author
I buy the 'Guide, I never read it or watch tv, so I'm hopeless with listings

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Rte Guide Christmas Crossword

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