Guardian Prize Crossword Saturday October 15Th 2016

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Gaperon | 07:15 Sat 15th Oct 2016 | Crosswords
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Maybe I got up too early, but I can't work out the Special Instructions, which seem illogical.


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Some of the answers require a bit of a leap of faith in my opinion but it's fun. When you get 13 across it all becomes clear but I'm guessing that if you've a problem being up too early you might not be "tea total".
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Thanks for the hint, I had actually worked out that was part of the clue! It's the "all across clues..... "plus "wordplay in the other 12 across clues" I find baffling
Do you need a further hint?
OK. I don't like giving too much away on a Prize but the answer to 13 ac will tell you the things you have to find to complete the wordplay in each clue - i.e. something that's missing from each clue which relates to 13 ac. Sorry - that could be more convoluted than the special instructions. But 10 ac was my "in" - the first three words are the definition.
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Thanks for the offer, but I have just cracked 13ac, so here's hoping the rest will fall into place!
Great - it is fun when you get into it.
I'm completely baffled!
Can you tell me what 13 across is. I can't get started, as usual.
Rose tinted

Alcohol free
13 Everyone complimentary about salmon that's dry (7-4)

All (everyone) around coho (salmon) free (complimentary)
Thank you Jo. Never come across the word coho before, but again thank you. Always enjoy learning a new word.
You're welcome :)
Once you get 13 across it is all rather simple. A word associated with alcohol is not clued in the word play. For the across clues other than 13 across.

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Guardian Prize Crossword Saturday October 15Th 2016

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