Percussion Instrument

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palmstar | 17:37 Mon 06th Jun 2016 | Crosswords
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percussion instrument


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How many letters please?
How many letters in the answer?
Side Drum?
Note: palmstar is not known to provide details in his questions.
Always the same. No please, no clue and no thanks
If it's Saturday's Times Jumbo it's 'side drum'.

1. Put the details of the crossword in your title. (e.g. Times Jumbo 1234). That tells us straight away whether we're looking at a cryptic or non-cryptic clue. (It might also grab the attention of people who've actually done the same crossword) ;
2. Tell us how many letters are in the answer ; and
3. Tell us about any letters you've already got filled in.
Side drum; kettle drum; timpani; crash cymbal; splash cymbal; ride cymbal; floor tom; hanging tom; hi-hat; bass drum; tenor drum; xylophone; triangle; chinese box.

More infor required if you want a meaningful answer.
Let it be....
Hi palmstar- i know you always post like this and sometimes get answers but in time people may get fed up of trying to help when insufficient inf is given.
These guidelines may help.
If you forget something you can add missing info by replying to your own question

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Percussion Instrument

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