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creamegg | 21:21 Tue 09th Feb 2016 | Crosswords
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21a projecting edge on tool grips outside of nice veg 7,6
c?????e ???v?s

29a design footwear in outskirts of westhill, not hiding flaws 5,3,3
??r?s ??? ??l

31a with sound of bell in ears, changed lessons

8d article ideal, styled to clothe italian soldiers

11d chase a liar 4,6 (glasgow film festival)
h?i? c???a?

22d knock the head off attractive piece of art

24d getting lighter daughter to go atop shelter

25d gain weight tucking into most of couples cakes

55d avenue ultimately sloping no more, after lifting southern end

52d fluid found in herb used for depression


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21a Cabbage leaves
29a Warts and all
24d D awning
25d Panettoni ?
11 Hail Caesar
52 S ink age
8 Editorial
55d Grove ?
22 (F)etching
31 Readings anag ears + ring
^ or ding, even
Yes, (slopin)g + over, reversed
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any ideas on 20d part of plant almost complete after company's set up o?r?a
Ocrea - Co reversed + rea(dy)
Question Author
thanks x

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