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DocHH | 18:42 Sun 31st Jan 2016 | Crosswords
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Hello EVers,
Well that was a cerebral workout! Even solving the clues proved difficult. I find entering jumbled words awkward at the best of times, too jigsaw puzzle-ish, but this was even worse. I deduced the "grid representation" fairly soon on in the grid population, mainly due to the additional letters that were not entered into the grid. I was left with a grid populated with the exception in the SW quadrant by 3 lights. I then spotted a couple of words, which appeared in what I can only describe in a familiar position. A search for that plus what the grid represents, resolved the unpopulated lights! This was not for the Classicists, but with imagination defintely doable!
Now relaxing with a rather large Glenlivet, probably manage another one before making a sandwich of left-over sunday lunch beef and a multi-seed bread! The beef will be smeared liberally with "beer and black peppercorn mustard"! A glass of South African Red may accompany the sandwich!


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All I can say is "good grief"! After a gentle couple of puzzles to start the year, whichever sadist is in charge at EV Towers seems to be really making up for it with the Oxymoron last week and now this. I seem to have spent half the day on the puzzle, but am still struggling. I was planning a post-prandial to ease the pain, but find myself having already consumed a pre-prandial and indeed a during-prandial (if such a thing exists). At this rate it won't be just the difficulty of the puzzle that has me stumbling around aimlessly!
Hello Doc & EV........................Good grief! What chance do I have if you 2 are struggling? Have done about a dozen clues and am very thankful I can swim because otherwise I would be knocking on the door of the great grid in the sky (or below). Haven't finished last week's yet, am angsting over the high-lighting. I am convinced that Mr O & Kcit are the same devious people they are deffo in cahoots. Help always welcome.
Not easy at all. Hardest of the weekend (Listener, IQ etc.)

Good to learn something new. Had to work up to the end with this one.
How can I help Devadolly?
Thank you dja... don't quite know what to ask to kick start me! Are we talking A List as in the Ursas? Or C List as not in the sky?
Hi again

A list as in Ursas.

The phrase is 1-11-7-7

The grid is a representation of it.

If you want me to be more explicit- starting letters of the phrase for example just let me know.

Many thanks, will plod along for a bit longer and then no doubt beg for more help!
Any sort of help please! I have ground to the most solid of halts and am really tearing my hair out. GM useless!
It is a diagram (which is the last word of the phrase)

The first letters of the phrase are

A H R (d) iagram with the h and r being surnames.

The left hand side and bottom of the grid are the axes are the words used in the diagram begging with l on left and t on bottom. They are measurements of brightness and heat.

Not attempted this but guessed at the phrase and ... wow, that in a crossword?! Surely not! I have no idea how Phi/ Kcit keeps pulling such creations off.
Oh my Goodness! Thank you gentlemen..... now I really will jump in the lake!
Ive just noticed the typos in my reply.

Long client lunch- sorry!
Thanks for all the help, still floundering dreadfully though have done a few more clues + some of the 10 but what purpose they serve I don't know.
The phrase is

A Hertzsprung Russell diagram

If there are any particular clues you need help with let me know.

Thank you djw.............I got that bit, hence jumping in the lake. Just bogged down with the preamble and what needs high-lighting + why jumble some clues?
I think the jumbling just helps to populate the grid.

In terms of highlighting - look at the diagram online. There are two specific types of body that are mentioned in there that are at different ends of the grid and mimic their position in the diagram. The third thing to highlight is in one of the usual places for an EV starting in the NW.
Thank you dfw - again! Have found the diaganol & presume 12 & 16a are part of the mix.12d & 36a I also have - am I right in assuming the 'other lot' are found in 30 & 32a? Having great trouble with 2,3 & 8d + others of course! The other 32 have me confused too.
Yes diagonal and W???E D???F and S???R G???T

The unclued said Lu??????ty and Te???????re do not need to be highlighted.

8d is a girdle. CE is church extra letter is D from the wordplay for hardened which begins In with a T for transparent.

2d is a jumble of what a dirk and billy are- not men's names but we???ns

3D is a jumble of a star ac????ar

Again, many thanks djw, have now got myself to the very last few clues, 8d is causing me anguish but will soldier on. Have all the components but am still confused as to the high-lighting, nothing seems to add up! Am feeling inordinately smug (without any good reason, merely as a totally non-scientific (leaves me floundering and terrified) wordsmith) as to having got so far along this highly scientific route even with the help and crutches so freely given. All in the cause of an EV pen for Chris!! See Ruthrobin about that one!
Highlight diagonal and s g and w d that adds up doesn't it?

8d inured is hardened in wordplay

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Ev 1212 Star Quality By Kcit

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