Irish Times Christmas Crosaire

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gixerboy | 16:23 Thu 24th Dec 2015 | Crosswords
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19a Time to give one's blessing to one of the constituents providing light relief (6) T?L?OW


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T allow (Tallow candle - light)
T Allow

candles give light
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Thanks !
what is 27. funny review of decline,(3)
27.gas (sag reversed)
Gas - Sag back ??

As in 'It's a gas' ?

why is 27d garret. clue lofty type gets great rare novel at writers centre.
(wri)t(ers) inside anagram of great
+ r(ara) sorry
How About 29 across "Small Mass for both wings of great rugby team" (4) ??A?
and 8 down " Noel Bent? Present ! (9,4) CHRISTMAS, ??F?
Completely foxed on these two.
29 gram
8d: christmas gift

'bent' can mean a natural inclination, liking or aptitude

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Irish Times Christmas Crosaire

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