I Prize Cryptic Crossword No 1493

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souxie | 07:31 Sat 21st Nov 2015 | Crosswords
14 Answers
10 Across, Medical expert with no time for more incredible point (9)
11 Across, Exclamation about one backing setter as wine fan (9)
13 Across, Maltreated patient with no Italian food (9)
1 Down, 18 to 23 - person confused with time (5,5)

Sorry about the lack of letters

Many thanks in advance


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13. pannetoni
10 allergist
11 oenophile
1d: Simon Peter ??

depends on what answers to 18 and 23 are but is an anagram of person+time
13. panettoni
Nearly there Svejk.:-)
Panettone is definitely correct.
Unless it is intended to be plural.
Surely it's an anagram, danny?
13 looks like an anagram of patient no which is panettoni
Just spotted the i in it Svejk. The anagram works if tthe clue intends the plural of panettone which is indeed panettoni.Sorry for the confusion.
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WOW! Many thanks to all.

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I Prize Cryptic Crossword No 1493

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