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cruciaddict | 09:40 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | Crosswords
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29a City and province of E. Belgium, once a (larger) principality of the Holy Roman Empire and known as Luik in Flemish (5) I?N??

I can only find Liege in Google or my Cambridge encyclopaedia. 25d is Mali (which gives the I) and 17d is intrusion (which gives the N) 18d is either Trasimene/o/a which gives the ending of e o or a.

Thanks in advance to superior brains - or perhaps the HC have got it wrong, again?!!


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Liege looks right. What's the clue for intrusion?
I think Liege is the answer.
What gives the I?
^ sorry, what's the clue for Mali?
Liège - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Liège (French pronunciation: ​[ljɛʒ]; Dutch: Luik
Question Author
The clue for 'intrusion' is: geology, of igneous rock that has been formed by magma from within earth's crust moving into overlying strata.

The clue for Mali is: Landlocked republic of W. Africa, first colonised by France in 1898, independent since 1960, capital Bamako.
With all the evidence available above it would seem that the setter has made a boboo.
mali and liege are correct but do not fit the grid?
Question Author
I know. Even if intrusion is intrusive, then Mali still doesn't fit.
Setter's error and mail fits?
jo's error and Mali fits. :-)

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Hampshire Chronicle Gk 1,208 22-10-15

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