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chokkie | 08:53 Sat 17th Oct 2015 | Crosswords
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Hi Aber cruciverbalists .... this is a general question about the DT cryptic crosswords in general ... or is it just me.

Do any of you peeps do the DT cryptic crossword on a portable device, e.g. a tablet, mini or otherwise - and do you do the crossword via the new Daily Tel app? Is it just me or are they having a problem printing the exact word numbers after the clues. For example .... I can't remember the clue number, but think it was an across clue - the answer is "sussex Spaniel" - so they should have put "6,7". But, instead, the clue was "described" as "13" letters. There was another one in the same crossword, the answer was "Anne Boleyn", so they indicated it was 10 letters - when it should actually have been "4,6".

Is it my computer? Or do you think I should have words with their techie peeps?

Can't say I'm particularly enamoured with their new app, but I suppose they felt they had to improve it .....

Does anyone out there feel the same?

Cheers, Chox.


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There have been a few posts on here about this subject
Chox, ever since the DT introduced their new version, the crossword in tablet form, particularly on iPad has been awful. It's unstable, freezes up, changes size and the clues move up and down for no reason at all. Coupled with this over the last week all multi word clues have been shown as their total letters as opposed to multi words. In today's crossword there are 6 multi word clues, according to the iPad version there are none. It's just not fit for purpose. The techies at the DT say they are working on a patch but have no idea when they will have it ready! Tom
I do the Telegraph on my iPad mini and agree with everything you are both saying, the new version is very unstable, funnily enough there were two clues yesterday that were correctly clued, hard boiled egg and so it were, makes me think that the clueing problem is a human input one?
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After I'd written and uploaded this post to AB, I did the print version of the crossword and then of course saw that the multi-words were correct on the print version. Just because it might make me feel better, I'm going to call the Telegraph subscriber helpline on Monday to let them know about this (Obviously they do know) and that it's not just me ....) Oooh, it's sooo frustrating. And yes, I get the freezing too, plus the changing of size .... they should have left it how it was - but of course - that's progress ... sigh.

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