Telegraph, 2815.

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red46 | 20:56 Mon 28th Sep 2015 | Crosswords
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8d, 7lets, A?s?w??, Part of pageant I warmly dedicated to , to some extent.
14d, 5lets, H???t, Mannerism seen in husband to some extent.
17a, 5lets, ????l, Rise as bandleader in middle of dance.
24d, 4lets, D???, Sewer,s repair producing angry pronouncement.
28a, 8lets, ??y?l?s?, A Tory is oddly accepting line that was apposing Parliament.



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28 Royalist
17 rebel
24 darn
14 habit
8 antiwar
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Thanks all for help ,through one out, 10a, 6lets, ?l?o?t, Practically nothing received by charity ahead of time.
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Thanks again everyone.

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Telegraph, 2815.

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