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fuzzy-brain | 22:19 Sun 06th Sep 2015 | Crosswords
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10a. Approaches a backward artist in three ways. (5) N _ _ _ _. Nears?

7d. Beginning of Sahara dust belt. (4) S _ _ _.

3rd letter of 7d is last letter of 10a.



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10a nears 7d sash
22:20 Sun 06th Sep 2015
Yes N E and S with ra
10a nears
7d sash
7. s ash
Question Author
Many thanks to you all. Goodnight.
Hi Sam, are you going to Ayr Races this year?
Hi sibs,
Again sadly I wont be at Ayr this year. Are you coming over ?
Yes but only go on Thursday, the other two days are too busy, I'll just enjoy wandering round Ayr and hope James Doyle comes up again
I wish you all the luck in the world sibs.
And I hope JD gives you a return for your money ;o)

Good Luck x

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