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dmm1000 | 22:56 Tue 11th Aug 2015 | Crosswords
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crossword clues
26a 11 letters
where its ancient and middle eastern one may ape imams

1d (5,6) apocryphal story about something that's afoot in the city

19d (6) when cows initially moo at cardinals they'll make you laugh


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19d. c low ns
19d C low NS
19 Clowns

Cows initially - C
Moo - Low
Cardinals - N S
If 1d were 5,4 it would be Urban myth
1d Urban Legend
Middle east = ME + anagram of 'ape imams'
^foot = leg end
but it's probably urban legend......

Legend, foot = leg end
I've got it's Leg end.....
...but I haven't got Mesopotamia....I think it's right, but I don't understand it.

You're right LadyA - my initial logic doesn't work at all! No 'Os' anywhere :((
Phew.....thought the gin was kicking in there, Captain2...

It is an anagram of Too ape imams.....but that doesn't really help....
Do you have any letters placed for 26a, dmm1000 ?
There's not really a good anagram indicator either.
Perhaps the clue should read "where it's ancient and middle eastern one may ape imams too".
Sounds good to me, Calibax...but I guess we'll have to wait for a response from dmm1000 or someone else who has the paper..
Good thought there Caliax. Just goes to show, don't always go with your first impressions. Feel a bit of a twit. :)
Don't see why you should, Captain...I'm pretty sure you got the right answer as opposed to my urban myth........
Question Author
@ladyalex - none sorry

@everyone else - thanks so much

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Sunday Business Post Ireland Sunday August 9Th 2015

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