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S21DanReb | 21:32 Fri 31st Jul 2015 | Crosswords
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Last 3 are puzzling, any help appreciated.

9a But could be interesting with a drink? ?r?

16d Graduate takes lyric from the Far East ?a?a?

6d Mother is at home on the high seas ?a?n (could it be MAIN, ma + in (at home).

Thank you if you can help.


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6. ma in (yes)
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Thank you for that one Sam1960. Much appreciated. Just the other 2 to get now.
9 dry?
9. dry ? (wry and dry) cocktail ?
16 Malay
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Hi sandyRoe and sam1960. Wondered if it was 'dry' like you. But have also seen a word 'ora' (or a) and wondered if that was connected to the start of clue 'but could be). Any thoughts on that?
If something is 'dry' it's uninteresting. But a drink wouldn't be. Dry gin or dry sherry, or campaign's
I would stick with the "wry & dry" ..
^ champagne
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Thank you for the answer to 16d ubasses. Appreciate it.
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Thanks for your input. I will stick with 'dry'.

Have a good night all.

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