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call04 | 10:14 Sun 19th Jul 2015 | Crosswords
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13A. Article dunked in mercury for a witch (4) A?G. I go for article as AN put in mercury as HG which gives HANG, but why does that = a witch? Grateful for ideas.


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I went for hang for the same reason, seems like they missed a word or two from the clue.
hag = witch
Question Author
Thanks both but, Mallyh, I know hag = witch but my query is why hang should equal witch?
I also went with HANG (believing a mistake to have been made), but also toyed with HAGG thinking that in some skewed way the setter may be thinking of chemical elements (AG) as articles.

Hag ( Mercury is HG)
Hag would be good if it was 3 letters but it seems it's 4 letters
Good morning Danny.
Where does the N come from?
There has got to be a setters mistake. Definitely h an g
Question Author
Thanks all; I'll go with HANG and a setter's mistake; but good debate anyway. Now to enjoy the sun!
If anyone's still interested, I emailed MOS & the response was confirmation that an editorial error led to the word 'HAG' being clued, rather than 'HANG', as necessary for the shape of the completed grid.
Thanks l-i-k

Mercury = HG (symbol)
AN = article
Yes, we got the 'hang' of the wordplay Baldric- it's just the incorrect definition 'witch' caused the puzzlement
At least we can stop scratching our heads over it now thanks to the clarification.
I stopped scratching my head years ago - too much sawdust down my fingernails......


thanks friction faction, guess I won't bother in future on that basis!
Now,don't let the setters error have us falling out.
Sorry Baldric, didn't mean to rub you up the wong way (the friction factor)- I just wasn't sure whether you'd seen all the previous discussion on this

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