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cashier | 21:15 Sat 30th May 2015 | Crosswords
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1dn Often country cuts serious error with good slow easing of growth (4,7)

S?F? L?N?I?G Soft landing?

Can someone please explain or tell me the right answer.

Thanks in advance


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Oft - often
Land - country
Sin - serious error
g - good

S Oft Land in g.

I didn't really see how this equals 'slow easing of growth' - sorry!
Yes, 'Soft landing' - 'oft(en) land' (cuts; is in) 'sin' + 'g(ood)'
This any good?

soft landing
A period of economic slowdown that is successfully managed by a government so that it does not lead to a recession.
An economy can have a soft landing rather than a crash

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Times Jumbo 1152

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