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teebee | 09:22 Fri 24th Apr 2015 | Crosswords
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4d. Peninsula in valley (4). ?a?e. I just can't see it.


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Head ?
I'm sticking with Dale ;-)
a valley, especially in northern England.,_Pembrokeshire
vale ?
Thanks Danny ;-)

///The glacier visible at the head of the valley///


Dale is a small village and community in Pembrokeshire, not the name of a geographical feature.
Located on the Dale Peninsular Baldric
Ho Hum,,,
Just in case you are wondering Teebee.
Sshh (Go with dale)

Fair enough, not saying you're wrong, but ... .. .

dale noun 1 a valley, especially one in the North of England. 2 (the Dales) the Yorkshire Dales or other dales of the north of England.
///not the name of a geographical feature///
You appear to be arguing against yourself Baldric.
Question Author
Thank you everyone for an interesting selection. I think I will go with dale.
Many thanks

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