Ev 1164 Greetings By Kruger

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DocHH | 18:39 Sun 01st Mar 2015 | Crosswords
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"Greetings" EVers,
I found very few gifts on the first pass through the clues and really had to work the wordplay. The last letter of 12d was an enigma in itself, until the extra letters started to reveal the theme. Thought it was clever how the two other contributors (typically hidden) needed to be highlighted, in more than one sense! Time for a preprandial Glenmorangie!


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Good evening Doc, haven't had a chance to get to grips with it yet, busy time and unpleasant weather, snow no! If there is snow here then some poor soul is under 10ft of the nasty stuff. Doubtless will start muddling before too long, still haven't quite finished last week's epistle.
Another good puzzle. I am really enjoying EV lately along with IQ and the easier Listener or 2!
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Devadolly, SNOW! The weather down here on the south coast has been quite varied, no two days the same, but not particularly cold despite that. Today has been very sunny!
Roslyn251254, Listener is too far above my pay grade!
I agree with DocHH & Ros about the quality of the puzzle.

Does anyone know why dr b who was a regular & respected
contributor hasn't been on the thread for some time?
DocHH - Listener is a breeze this week!
Not cold Doc, just wet snow then sun, so confusing!
Don't know K but miss his reports on life in the Mid-West. A lot of our old regulars have deserted, perhaps we are now too serious! More 'Oh wasn't that easy' and less advice on weather reports, where to eat and what to drink mixed (sic) in with the helpful hints for we dunces.
Great fun this one, so thanks to Kruger.

I agree about the Listener, it's very accessible this week.

K - dr b has been user_inactive since last summer suggesting he has left the site.
Hit on the theme fairly quickly - a real favourite which I am currently revisiting.
Snow showers here but no threat of it stick. Shame - could do with another "snow day" to catch up with the incessant mound of marking.
A busy weekend, so pleased the puzzle didn't offer much resistance. The theme is a particular favourite of mine. Thanks, Kruger.

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Ev 1164 Greetings By Kruger

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