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highburyhigh48 | 13:20 Sun 25th Jan 2015 | Crosswords
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3 Down Moscows anger disturbed new politician in Washington? not he (13)

11 Down Stupid group of workers, none the less,report information in it (13)

12 Across Luckily found our destinies transformed, seizing power (13)

22 Across Process of depositing tainted monies corruptly (13)

Thanks in advance


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22 sedimentation (anag)
12a serendipitous
3 congresswoman
3d Congree woman
11d Uninteligent
22a Sedimentation
3d Congresswoman - anag 'Moscows anger' + 'n(ew)'
11d Unintelligent - 'uni(o)n' (workers, less none) + 'tell' + 'gen' (info, in) 'it'
12a Serendipitous - 'p(ower)' (in) anag 'our destinies'
22a Sedimentation - anag 'tainted monies'
3 Congresswoman
Sorry that should be CongressWoman

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