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Gavmacp | 20:58 Sat 24th Jan 2015 | Crosswords
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Earlier on there was a question about people not putting the paper, title of crossword, occasionally the crossword question just 2d etc.
My question is why do people give the answer to a question sometimes hours after the last correct answer has been given and sometimes days after. It does rather perplex me!


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It makes me laugh. I expect there's more than 1 reason.
They don't read the previous answers.
They cheat!
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But they must have to go back quite far to just see the question. So if they have gone back that far by the laws of probability it has already been answered.
Its even more perplexing when they SHOUT out the answer.
I used to get annoyed at people who replied, "It helps if you tell us which paper and date."

No it doesn't. All that is needed is the clue printed correctly, together with the number of letters and any letters already placed. Anyone unable to work with that information should find another hobby.
Gav they nay be using the search box to see if a particular clue has been asked - then some think it is a good idea to add an answer again albeit late, as if adding to the total.

Others simply fail to scroll down and don't see it has been answered.
it is just laziness and some people are not au fait with the general demeanour of most civilised contributors on this medium, someone on the history pages accused me of wanting an easy way to write an assignment, when all i wanted was a discussion.
I do the telegraph quick each day and am amazed that people can complete in under a minute as it takes me over 30 secs just to read the cluess. How do they do it even typing in the solutions takes me a few minutes?
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