I 1235

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Gavmacp | 20:32 Sat 24th Jan 2015 | Crosswords
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Last few to finish!
Please give me explanation as these have baffled me!
19a. Priest enthralled by rather curious-speaking clergyman (7). ??U?N?R
19d. Girl in America? Girl's upset about that (7). ??S?N?A
18d. Blokes upset one in bishop's office, elevating opponents (7). E?E?I?S pretty sure answer is enemies
24d. God's point, to have sin ultimately eradicated (4). ?H?R
12a. Lake that'd be rejected as a location for experiment (4). ?A?A
Thanks in advance!


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bala, a lab backwards
24 Thor(n)
18d. MEN (blokes) reversed in SEE reversed (bishop's office) and I, one = enemies.

Blokes +one upset - nemi

See - Bishop's office.
12a Lake BALA (N. Wales) - "a lab" reversed
18d men + see backwards + i = enemies
19d SUSANNA - "Anna's" reversed round USA
19 Spooner
^US, not USA
19a s(p)ooner
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Thank you all!
Dr Spooner, Warden of New College Oxford, is alleged to have rusticated a student with the words:

You have hissed all my mystery lectures and tasted a whole worm. You shall leave Oxford tonight by the town drain.

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I 1235

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