Daily Express Bumper Crossword- A Christmas Carol

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gordiescotland1 | 10:59 Mon 29th Dec 2014 | Crosswords
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Hi there I am looking for the name of a Christmas Carol in all the jumbled up letters.


many thanks


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Are you sure of the letters?
Question Author
yes i am
I saw three ships if the letters aren't quite right

I believe the letters are correct factor!
The letters give I SAW THALE SHIPS
I'm sure your AL should be RE
Were the letters given by the setter?
I know from many other threads in Crosswords (not geordie's though), Baldric, that being certain of the letters doesn't always mean they are all correct.
I can see whiplash in there so maybe there's a solution I've missed

Yeah, but Gordies really positive!
Are you absolutely sure of the letters, geordie, or just pretty sure?
i'm pretty sure that there is a mistake with the letters :-)

It really does look like 1xA and the L are wrong, giving you,
I saw three ships, I think factor was right
The letters I got were HASEWIERPSITSH, the first I from 40A India, the second E from 36D serum, and the R from 43D Granada, making I SAW THREE SHIPS.
Thanks Jandy. Maybe there was a misprint/smudge on Gordie's copy

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Daily Express Bumper Crossword- A Christmas Carol

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