D. Tel £500 Brain Games X Word

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torcars | 13:11 Tue 28th Oct 2014 | Crosswords
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Well this is answer I got from D. Tel, hope it helps !!

Thank you for getting in touch about the £500 Brain Games Crossword of Sat Oct 25. I'm afraid the printing gremlins had a field day, causing three separate serious errors in the clues. Please accept my sincere apologies for the mistakes, which are:

56 Across is missing, due to the bottom of the clues having been cut off.

11 Down is completely the wrong clue.

51 Down has a word missing, due to the same problem as 56a.

The correct clues are:

56 Person quick on the feet! (11)

11 Parliamentarian, but not a minister (7,6)

51 '50 Words for ___', Kate Bush album (4)

None of the three clues is a cryptic clue.

We will extend the closing date to Tue Nov 11, with winners announced on Sat Nov 15, and we will accept entries with those three answers not filled in.

Many apologies again for the mistakes.


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Thank you so much Torcars, I couldn't find the number for the Telegraph to ask them! HelenJ
Thanks for this information as been away so only now tackling the crossword.
Thanks for sharing that info, much appreciated. Unfortunately answer posted to 11d means I've now got one too many 'E's for my picture answer of Bruce Springsteen

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D. Tel £500 Brain Games X Word

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