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shaneystar2 | 15:54 Sun 26th Oct 2014 | Crosswords
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One has to admit former match revolting (7)
And.. can any Azeder please confirm that 7D is Garter.
Soak newspaper up in a flash ?(6)
ret (soak) rag (newspaper ) reversed.


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Thanks AC but I still can't see it :)
I think it's unrisen but can't see why it should be that either .Tut!
One = UN with PRISE old word for match -Spenser
Question Author
Thanks slaney and AC ( you were right )....never thought of Spenser !
Noone seems to have replied to your query about 7d so....I have garter with all but the g confirmed by crossing clues. A flash is what I wear in my stockings when wearing the kilt so I think you are right.
Can you help me with 26d. Monkey in Church coach? (5) Thx
7d: yes, garter
7d is indeed GARTER, being as you say ret rag reversed. Chambers gives one meaning of flash (1) as 'a bright garter or ribbon worn on the hose with knickerbockers or kilt, a small portion showing below the part folded over'.
Thank you bibblebub
my pleasure
Question Author
Thanks for your help ,everyone ,much appreciated .
Just seen I got a prize for this one so thanks to all who helped me get there.

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Azed 2212

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