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djqcquinn | 10:59 Tue 12th Aug 2014 | Crosswords
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10a Typical Englishman can steer. (4,4)

12d Carry money - some people worship it. (5)

4d Slope had affected plant. (8)

15a Complete one part of play National Theatre secured. (6)

Many thanks.


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12 Tote m
11:02 Tue 12th Aug 2014
10 John Bull
15 Intact
asphodel? Is that a plant?
4d Asphodel
12d is totem (tote=carry, m for money)
12 Tote M
John Bull
12 Tote m
10a John Bull
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Many thanks everyone, finished.
Hi Geoff- I noticed you have just answered a clue from 5 years ago here:
Welcome to AB . Part of the fun is trying to answer new clues within a minute. Good luck
Question Author
Emiritus was first with most answers so I'll give best answer to them. But thanks everyone !

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