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ArranBrown | 18:55 Tue 20th May 2014 | Crosswords
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I'm having problems with the bottom LH corner.

23A Stood in for made stand out (8) - I have RELIEVED

Which leaves:

21D Car 8 comes up (4) - R - -
22D Design (4) - L - - - could be PLOT or PLAN
24D By (3) E - -


26A Exhaust gaffer? (8) - - - - - - L -

The last letters of 21D, 22D & 24D are the 1st, 3rd and 5th letters of 26A.

Any bright ideas out there?


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26 manifold?
24 via??
21 arch?
Question Author
Good suggestion, scorpiojo.
drof pity theres no such word as of ford backwards
Question Author
I like 'ARCH', elliemay. Unfortunately that makes 26A 'exhaust gaffer' begin with 'H'. I thought of 'VIA' for 24D 'By', but if I'm correct with 'RELIEVED', it begins with 'E' not 'V'.
Or creM wee calf lol
don't start lol
Question Author
Not such a silly idea, as CREM is a word, albeit an abbreviation for crematorium. However, while it is indeed MERC backwards, I can't see how it fits with the '8' in the clue - the answer to 8A, by the way, is 'FAIR'.
21d tram?
If 'via' was correct where would the 'v' fit into 23A?
Tram/mart works
Question Author
Or it could be 'TRAM' which is 'MART' backwards. That would confirm 'MANIFOLD' for 26A (though I don't see how it means 'gaffer'), 'PLAN' for 22D leaving 24D 'By' (3) E - F. Hmm.
^ mart is an archaic word for fair
Question Author
Elliemay, the 'V' would be the 5th letter. That's the problem.
That's what I thought Jo.
24d elf
Is an exhaust manifold also called a header? (gaffer)
Question Author
Drat my ageing eyesight and the small print! The clue isn't 'By', it's '8y', i.e. 'FAIR-Y', i.e. 'elf'. Well done, Elliemay, and thank you everybody.

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