Artificial Bodies Put Into Space

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MaidofSteel | 21:40 Sat 10th May 2014 | Crosswords
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other suggestions - space station, space capsule, spacecraft, communications satellite, weather satellite.
Rockets as well fred.

Maidofsteel - It helps if we have the number of letters in the answer or else we could be here all night
Question Author
Artificial bodies put into space (10)

Sorry meant to spell out the letters I have as below....

^ forget that
Planetoids would work if the 'D' was incorrect....
I thought the same initially but they aren't artificiial bodies are they?
shoota - I thought Planetoid was a synonym for asteroid.
Yes, the D should be N (3d is Mantua)
Question Author
Apologies frugalfred. I got one wrong and you are correct with PLANETOIDS
I don't like it; as Capt.2 says, they are not "artificial" objects.
The crossword solver says it is the only option for that letter pattern but I agree that it is a bad clue.
Great minds fred, great minds. Night all - off to my pit.
Chambers gives a definition as : an artificial body put into orbit
Since when were planetoids artificial?

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Artificial Bodies Put Into Space

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