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x_word_fan | 10:13 Mon 05th May 2014 | Crosswords
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Surprisingly I cannot see a thread for this puzzle. Not too taxing - I completed it without finding 8 of the 10 answers without definition.


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I thought this one was very disappointing indeed. Similarly to x_word_fan, I managed to complete the grid without finding most of the answers clued without definition, as there was simply no need to do so. Once one knew what was going on, the thematic answers just slotted in.

This seemed like very lazy setting to me; I'd have much preferred to have fewer thematic entries, but 'proper' ones where both the initial entries and then the replacements could fit in the same slots, both giving equally valid words, if that makes sense. As it was, it seems the setter has simply found X replacements (from a very large set) that fit in the grid, and then found X initial entries which could, frankly, have slotted in anywhere.

After a long run of very good puzzles in the EV, this was a definite drop in standard.
Not really had a proper look at this -- the Listener was too tough and I've got other things on my mind, probably won't get a chance to look at this one. Mainly wondering if the indication of "28" across was an error? Should be 26, I'd have thought.

The initial entries WILL fit in the same slots as the final ones and all are linked by the theme. It's true though that the fact that it isn't necessary to solve the thematic clues to arrive at a solution makes it a bit weak. I don't see how the answer to 19d fits in with the others either.
I am still completely at sea as to how the grid entries are derived from the corresponding clue answers. I know the message from the misprints and that is not helping...

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Ev 1121

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