Ev - Sunday Telegraph Enigmatic Variations 1120 - Curious Cocktail By Rustic

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jim360 | 14:57 Sun 27th Apr 2014 | Crosswords
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Any, with that, we say a final farewell to Rustic's crosswords. This one had a clever idea applied perhaps as much as is possible in a grid this size. I only finally twigged the idea when I'd tried one way of modifying the answers to fit them into the grid, and another solver had tried a different idea, and I realised that both were needed! Kept its secret right to the end. Thanks Rustic.


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I enjoyed this - not too difficult, and fair like all of Rustic's puzzles. It took me a while to work out the method of entry, but then things fell nicely into place. Am I the only person who thinks that crossword editors are probably often in need of such a curious cocktail?
Agree with the comments thus far. Now back to last week's. I am still short of three of the four seven letter and three of the four nine letter answers and that does not help with fitting the rest into the grid.
Nearly there, but not quite finished yet.
Have put my pedant's hat on again.
Anyone agree 6D should say "rough fight" rather than "rough flight"?
Question Author
I did wonder about that myself (flight-> fight). Possibly one of the famous EV errors that occurred so often in the past. Rather fewer of them these days thank goodness.
Hello eveyone,
Enjoyed this weeks offering, but am not sure I would particularly enjoy the resultant cocktail. I will stick to my normal preprandial of a Glenmorangie!

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Ev - Sunday Telegraph Enigmatic Variations 1120 - Curious Cocktail By Rustic

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