Ev 1113: Anonymous By Gaston

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DocHH | 18:18 Sun 09th Mar 2014 | Crosswords
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Hello EVers
I enjoyed this weeks offering from Gaston. I did manage to spy the theme early on in the solve. As with previous EVs, I am reluctant to erase a carefully deduced or solved light. If my memory serves me correctly, there has been at least one EV which required the whole grid to be erased! Time for a preprandial Glenmorangie!


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I was unnerved, not excited, by this theme.
19:59 Sun 09th Mar 2014
Likewise DocHH. I completed this in breaks from work. All I can add to your helpful hint is dictum meum pactum.
Question Author
Novalis, my Latin is very rusty, but I did laugh at your adddition!
I was unnerved, not excited, by this theme.
Quite a lot of thematic stuff packed into the grid, and fairly accessible clues. Shame that it was impossible it seems to keep a level of symmetry about the thematic entries, but no matter. Thanks Gaston (who would appear to be a debut setter?)
Yes, it was my first go at compiling, jim360. Glad it sort of passed muster. I'll make the theme harder next time!

Gaston 14
Well, we all have to start somewhere. Congratulations on your debut, and I'll look forward to your next offering(s)!
Question Author
Harder is not necessarily required, but fun most certainly is required!
Hi Gaston14. Difficulty is immaterial. As DocHH says, fun is everything. Congratualtions on your debut. As a matter of interest, how long did it take you to compile once you had the theme in mind?
A couple of wet afternons on holiday. Next one due mid-August. Thanks for the encouragement!

Gaston 14
Good Heavens. It can sometimes take me as long as that just to solve an EV! Congratulations on your debut.
This was fun, so congratulations Gaston on your EV debut. Out of interest, how did you become a setter? I'd been thinking of having a go myself. I have a friend who set a puzzle for the Inquisitor in the Independent, but he sent it and only heard back after about 18 months - and then only a curt "no" with no feedback or further comment. I'd be interested to know how you got to be an EV setter, and what's involved.
If you email the address under the ev solution they should put you in touch with the ev editor who I have found incredibly helpful. He will want to look at one or two example puzzles, and if he likes them will give you masses of advice about perfecting them for publication. I know he has quite a pile to get through, so don't expect immediate publication!

Good luck

Gaston 14
Failing the EV editor himself, there are also many other established compilers (Chalicea, Shark, Artix) who are often happy to get in touch and give advice.

Time taken to set a puzzle can vary greatly. My most recent one, Riddle in Eight Parts, was completed over a couple of weeks; my next one due was started in September 2012 and only submitted a year or so later!
Thanks, Gaston and Jim360. I'll give it a go! And hopefully it's not too long to wait until the next Gaston EV.
What am I missing ? I have filled the grid and found the seven with missed letters, the seven villains and the preparation of the preferred liquor, but which of the two (?) words to erase (the second because it has seven letters)?
Hi Ulysses100.

Think of the thematic person's usual request for the middle row across.
Sorry Ulysses100. I should have added that the key is the negative.
Thanks novalis.
Eventually got there - but not being a fan of the theme it took longer than it should have.

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Ev 1113: Anonymous By Gaston

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