Club Monthly 20162

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4poster | 10:56 Wed 05th Mar 2014 | Crosswords
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Good Morning,
I printed the crossword last night and went great guns until the last three which have me stumped.
21 Down Notes tossed up circled overead(5) H-L-D Halo'D?

10. Acros. Drg use by one to stop horse (5) C-X--

8 Down.Club containing extra black item forged with Aluminium alloy (6,5)
B---I- M-T-L Al and item would give METAL with an I spare

The nights sleep did not improve my brain!
Any help willbe very appreciated. 4poster


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21 yes - do, lah reversed
11:02 Wed 05th Mar 2014
21 yes - do, lah reversed
Question Author
My typing has not improved either.
Acros is Across
Overead is Overhead
Drg is drug
Question Author
Thanks scorpiojo .
I managed to get the other two clues so have submitted my entry.
Thanks again 4poster

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Club Monthly 20162

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