Radio Times Prize Crossword Tuesday March 4Th 2014

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Jean Genie | 17:44 Tue 04th Mar 2014 | Crosswords
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Really struggling this week! Would appreciate help with the following;

5d Heroin's weed. but it can be lucky. (9) ?o?s?s?o? Can only think of horseshoe but can't connect with the clue.

9d Primate shown moving enthusiastically (4, 4, 4) ?i?h ???n ?r?s

16a Concerning a very large strut inside (7) ???o???

8a Criminal about to defraud (5) ?????


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9 with open arms
8 crook
5d horseshoe
9d with open arms
16a apropos
8a crook
Heroin is also known as horse
(Horse's hoe)
Horse is another word for heroin + hoe (to weed)
Question Author
Thanks Scorpiojo and Sinead for all your answers.. How stupid of me not to see the anagram!!! One of my really dumb days. Must be an 'age' thing.
Question Author
And thanks to you too, Ouzel.
Tell me about Jean Genie.
Typo "tell me about IT JeanGenie" NB see what I mean?

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Radio Times Prize Crossword Tuesday March 4Th 2014

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