Sat Times Last Two And Parsing

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Huddle | 08:54 Sun 27th Oct 2013 | Crosswords
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Help with last couple and some parsing please. Thanks in advance.

8d nestling in valley, almost lapped in warmth-not hot, though. E-G-E- . Eaglet but why??

26a I want peace, getting more revolutionary security equipment. S-R-R-E

Parsing :

26d. One may be pickled in pub - the first to leave, you mean? Think this is Meagerly but why?

Thanks in advance again


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8d) EAGLET = nestling i.e. young bird

valley almost = GLE(n)
lapped in warmth-not hot, though = put that inside (h)EAT

EA gle T
26a) SHREDDER = security equipment

i want peace = SH
more revolutionary = REDDER
16d) BEGGARLY = mean

one may be pickled = EGG
in pub = put that inside BAR
the first to leave, you = L Y

B egg AR l y
Question Author
Thanks. Great explanations. Helps the learning
my pleasure

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Sat Times Last Two And Parsing

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