Guardian 26065

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greencj01 | 07:09 Sat 28th Sep 2013 | Crosswords
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1a Bob cut cloth back, stitching around upper part (14)

Struggling to get started so all help very gratefully received.


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yes - SUPERSTRUCTURE = upperpart

bob cut = CURTS(y)
cloth = REP
back = reverse both of those = PER STRUC
stitching around = put SUTURE on the outside

SU per struc TURE
Question Author
Thank you
you're welcome
Wow. "Superstructure" ! That was not an easy piece of the jigsaw.
I am not sure how much it will help you though.

It might be easier if you know which questions might help to lead you in.

I have made a start. The questions I can do are 17a, 17d, 18 and 20 which was my first one in. From these I managed the long one along the bottom.
Apart from that there are 11 and 6 which work together nicely.

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Guardian 26065

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