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Scothern 20 | 10:34 Thu 26th Sep 2013 | Crosswords
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Local quiz.
I am doing a quiz in order to raise funds for a local church. The answers are all from cryptic clues, which produce the names of UK towns or cities. For example, one of the clues is "Tying Meat2. The answer is NOTTINGHAM, from Knotting(tying) HAM (meat). So here goes.

Has a letter to spare

Sounds like a vehicle is followed by a Scottish golfer

Water containers

Clever plant

Gets a Mondeo in a raffle

Not so b right special agent

Good cooking

Colourful girl

Where snooker players have a drink

Lion Cathedral

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help me out. Closing date is Sunday, October 6th, 2013.


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Gets a Mondeo in a raffle Winford is a village and civil parish within the Chew Valley, Somerset
10:44 Thu 26th Sep 2013
^ Forget that, didn't spot Danny's answer!
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Thanks to everyone concerned, I have now completed the quiz. However I believe that the answer to the Mondeo clue is WINSFORD, Cheshire. This is because the operative word is GETS.

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