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Neveracrossword | 14:18 Sat 11th May 2013 | Crosswords
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I've finished this, but am unsure of one answer.
24 A. Cut out cold Teutonic song (4) ?ied
I can see 'lied'/Teutonic song - but then saw 'died'/cut out. Any help gratefully received.

The preamble advises that some clues contain partial wordplay only and in some other clues, wordplay leads to the answer plus an extra letter not to be entered in the grid. I haven't worked out whether this clue is involved.


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cut-(s)LI(c)ED- out (C)old and S as then extra letter
Question Author
Thanks, slaney, that makes perfect sense(especially as the 's' works perfectly with another part of the preamble/theme).
sliced (cut) with the thematic S removed, and C (cold)out
I have finished, too - but not sure of the word play in 37 ac.
Question Author
I wasn't sure of the wordplay either, boreas - but I had so many of the letters, I'm sure the answer I have is correct. Sorry not to be of more help!
Thanks Never,

Given the crosschecks I can't see it being anything else. Was hoping to have it all cracked before the big KO.

(I have to admit here to being a Manc.)
Think of a seven letter word for good spirits /cheer - remove the O(ld) and add a two letter abbreviation for tax officer.
Got it now. Forgot to play around with the surplus 'L'.
Many thanks Slaney.
Question Author
Thanks from me too, slaney - I didn't check off all the clues with extra letters, but I see now how this one works.
You're welcome - enjoyable crossword I thought - lots of thematic material.
Yes, very enjoyable. Looked very hard to begin with, but spotting the piper early on led the way.

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Inquisitor 1281

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