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Puzzled! | 21:54 Wed 24th Apr 2013 | Crosswords
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Am struggling with the last few answers for puzzle 3 - any help much appreciated!

Scheming Corrie shop-owner with debts - seven letters starting with D

Hugh and Asner consented. - seven letters starting with G

Cambodian starting to kill harassed missionaries enjoying rest - five letters starting with K

Sam from Tyneside's poorly - five letters starting with N

Actor and East European surrounding fallen tree too - five and six letters starting wth P

Julia with dresses about right time - seven letters starting with R

and last but not least

Elijah will court daughter - four letters starting with W


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5) Peter O'Toole
21:56 Wed 24th Apr 2013
1) devious
2) Granted
3) Khmer
4) Neill
5) Peter O'Toole
6) Roberts
7) Wood
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What a star! Thank you Bibblebub - I'll be able to sleep tonight now!
i'm quite good at making people feel sleepy

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