Cheapskate Mail On Sunday.

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saintstim | 10:28 Mon 11th Mar 2013 | Crosswords
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After removing the modest prize element from the Sir Lancelot crossword the MOS have now said they will no longer accept postal entries for the You mag crossword from 31st March.
Instead you will have text at £1 a go (plus text charge).
How much longer before they make the main prize crossword "fun only"?
If you disagree with this grasping miserly approach why not email them and say you are no longer going to buy the paper. Probably won't make any difference but worth a go anyway.


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Cheapskate indeed. I agree with you saintstim and will make our displeasure known.
I agree. I would never pay for such a text. But maybe many do the crossword just for enjoyment and don't post it off anyway
(Although maybe they feel they are making up for all the cheapskates who didn't buy the Mail but asked for rewards numbers on internet forums)
"I'll scweam and "I'll scweam and scweam and make mythelf thick!"

Cheapskates indeed.
I am disgruntled as one of the supplements was missing from my paper was missing yesterday :-(
Have just double checked my paper and you can still post your entry for the YOU crossword to the normal address. The Sir Lancelot is a nice £500 prize but no postal entries, just phone or text. I draw the line - a stamp is as far as I am prepared to go.
Was that the "Mackerel Keeper's Weekly", Mrs_O?
sorry, my answer is garbage....but I am still disgruntled
no need to shout bob

dave, do you like sex and travel?
sorry dave
Baldric - Violet Elizabeth Bott is the name of our ginger & white cat and what a madam she is, ruler of the dog too.
Aren't they all?
just dont phone in, I certainly wont, it was bad enough when the Daily Record on a saturday changed the prize from £500 to £200 without one word of explanation.bah humbug.
I cetainly won't be paying £1 either! No wonder newspaper sales have dropped. I wonder, have sales of pens dropped? Nobody seems to write much anymore.
I agree with your views - they must be really hard up!!!
Are you sure that is the crossword, could it be the new puzzle for how many "A's" that they are stopping the postal entries for, Just a thought.

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Cheapskate Mail On Sunday.

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