Problems Logging On To The Times Crossword Club Site

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GetOverIt | 09:03 Sat 29th Dec 2012 | Crosswords
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I'm getting the message

Your current Times account does not allow access to this website.

Is it just my account, or is anyone else having this problem?


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It's not just you. I've been unable to access since 12th December! See my post here.
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Actually I remember now someone else posting on another site a couple of days ago saying they were having a problem, but mine was okay then.

I do have a paper subscription, so I can still do the crosswords. I just don't want to pay postage to enter the competition crosswords.

I may try to ring them next week.
I have had the same problem since around dec 9th, but thought it was because my subscription, which had always been a present from my father, had not been renewed. Spent half an hour on the phone to the customer services (!), passed to x different parties, no-one able to offer a satisfactory response. Two e-mails to the customer service address remain unanswered. I called again yesterday & this time someone knew what they were talking about & told me to send an e-mail to '[email protected]'. Will someone answer me this time???
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Hmm... seems a bit of a coincidence if all our subscriptions have not renewed automatically. I will give them a ring tomorrow and report back!
I'm on a monthly subscription, so perhaps noticed earlier than others? Or is it ONLY the monthly sub that is changing?

Look out for a huge price hike methinks, while they are changing their website.

I did have a reply from one address ( the newmembers one in Gaperons post).
It said they would look into it, but nothing since before xmas......understandable, maybe, with holidays etc.
I do not have a problem logging in. I'm on an annual subscription which is due for renewal in January so maybe I'll have a problem then.
Let us know, Calibax, if your sub does not renew!
My log-in page has a message about being "temporarily unable to take new members" whilst "making changes to the site".

All fine and dandy, but terribly frustrating being an existing member.
Much appreciative for all your feedback - reassuring (??) to know that there is evidently a major problem! Look forward to hearing from the first person who receives a response. I'm becoming a tad fed up....
Any news, anyone?
I'm still not able to access!
Rubbing salt in the wound that I can see folks talking about the January club monthly prize puzzle and can't access it.

Woe is me. Have sent another email, but guessing I must be getting on their nerves now! :-(
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My problem seems to be a complex one. It seems the credit card they tried to use to renew my subscription expired in October AND I was informed via an obsolete email address.

But it seems to have coincided with everyone elses problems, just when the website says they are taking no new subscriptions. Also, I DO HAVE a paper subscription, and it clearly says on the puzzle page, that a paper subscription includes complimentary access to The Crossword Club.

I couldn't be bothered arguing anymore on the telephone. I'll see if I've got the energy to try again tomorrow.
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Its a shame I had to speak to three people, but the third person I spoke to suggested I use my email and password from my paper subscription and I can now log in.

I've had a paper subscription for years, so its a pity I've been paying a separate subscription for about 5 years, and have lost my ranking history etc. but at least I'm back in.
I finally had a mail from Peter Biddlecombe on Jan 2 saying "I've passed my message on & hope someone will be in touch with good news about your crossword club membership". Given that no-one else has bothered themselves to reply since Dec 9th, I'm seriously losing patience, not to say getting sever withdrawal symptoms!!!
^^^My subscription renewed OK and still no problems logging on. Maybe it's just monthly subs that have a problem or something specific about your account, Voulez-vous
I'm due for renewal tomorrow. Having checked FAQs on the website after reading voulez-vous' earlier post I found a comment which said that after a site "upgrade" subs would not be automatically renewed and you'd need to set up a new recurring payment. However nothing on the site said how. Sent an e-mail saying "How?". Got a phone call back three days later from a guy who said that I could continue membership of crossword club by taking out a sub to the Times newspaper, No thanks, so he gave me a number to ring. Turned out to have changed recently. But, anyway, speak to customer service gal who said that she "thought" (sic) that you could no longer subscribe to the crosswrod club separately, but would have access to the site through a "similarly priced" sub to the paper. How much, then? £2 a week, she said. This turns out to be an introductory half price offer.
I read all this to mean that the Murdoch bean counters have twigged that £25 a year is too cheap for access to all the crosswords and are going to force us to pay eight times as much or do without. As someone who does the cryptics and the Listener regularly I'd happily pay more, but it would be nice to be dealt with honestly.
I'm delighted that your renewal went through OK, Calibax. Wait to see what happens to mine tomorrow.
I'm just going to leave it now and see what happens. Paying monthly was the more expensive option anyway, but I didn't want to get involved in an automatically renewing subscription.
Customer service has be utterly appalling so I have given up for the sake of my sanity ;-)
I shall miss the club monthly puzzle, but the rest I can buy as and when I feel like it. (I had suspected a price hike would be behind this!)
My subscription renewal has gone through OK and is recorded in My Invoices. So I'm happy. To Voulez-vous and others having difficulties, bon courage! Hope you get the right result.
Merci for your good wishes vestuste!

It's just wait and see what the new members offer (when it comes) will be.

Have given up insisting that "I AM a member"...............

Life is too short to fight this. I tried. Failed. Moving on now (but still checking this thread!!) :-))
Well, that's it, Murdoch is getting the total boycott! Crossword club subscription alone no longer existing, now confirmed to me personally, they want £4 a week for a digital subscription giving access to all the papers and puzzles WHICH I DON'T WANT??!! The customer "service" chap I spoke to said that given the large number of recent complaints, they might have to change their minds.... Here's hoping.
Well I'm not paying £4 a week that's for sure. I only ever bought the Sunday Times, never touched the daily, so am not paying for a paper I do not read.
It's a shame they have done this. Hopefully they will change their minds.
Sorry it's turned out like that. It's all a bit naughty, but no surprises there.

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