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Pearl2 | 17:18 Wed 19th Dec 2012 | Crosswords
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State member could be model, C--i--n


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can you help with 1d. I just can't get it ?
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Babys breath
baby's breath
thank you, but why ?

great for flower arranging ?

and I dont get the plant and Bb ?
got it now after googling. thanx : )
the plant in the picture is bay and the pictued face is bowing out breath, lol.
Not good at word play
Hi shooty. Babys Breath is a flower of the Gypsophilia genus and is widely used in the florestry trade
cheers cupid, I had worked it out after i googled 'baby's breath'
I don't know much about floral things. : )
thanks penelope : )
Unusual for you to ask for help shooty :-)
The DM had me today. one on the prize xword and this one. I must be losing my last cell : (
Overdosing on Fosters....
Never !!!

Becks : )

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