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commoner | 16:27 Mon 01st Oct 2012 | Crosswords
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Absolutely stuck here...

Achievement held only by the best....

**L** R**A*Y

From last Saturday's Daily Mirror..

Plase and Thanks for any ideas...


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This one Mark
something ROSARY?
Gold riband?
is it all one word, or 5,6 ?
Question Author
Sorry guys ..5 and I did repost that but it was removed....Oh dear ..these mods.:-))
Any letters to go on?
Should have said any more letters to go on!
are you sure of all letter listed as cannot find anything that fits
Could it be TRACK RECORD if a few letters are incorrect?
Question Author
Well it is actually my SIL ...she seems certain that the letters are ok and has the backing of her can't say more ..thanks all for considering this....will post the answer on Saturday if it doesn;t turn up,,
can only get a couple of words out of the second word, like
rotary, romany,
definitely 5, 6 ?
Question Author
Sorry em...I am assured that is what is available....compilers or maybe printers have been known to make mistakes before now...mmm..."doin' mi 'ed in" as they say these days...
Question Author
ECLAT seems ok for the first word but can't find anything to go after...
would be better if it were 4 7
hope someone solves it.
Question Author
Look like waiting for saturdays Mirror ,,:-)...thanks em and all...
Dare I ask - does last Saturday's Daily Mirror mean 29th September?

There are four X-words in the Daily Mirror on a Saturday - the Cryptic, Quiz, Classic and Quick. However, none of them have a clue as you describe for 29 September.
the plot thickens x x
Hi commoner,

"Do you know what is is yet?"

To quote our Australian friend.
Baldric - it seems we will never know.

Looking at the crosswords in today's Daily Mirror in this link, they don't seem to know what today's date is.

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