Sat Times Jumbo Cryptic No 998 1ac, 6 dn and 54ac

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bergerhenn | 13:15 Sun 16th Sep 2012 | Crosswords
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Help and explanation needed please.
1ac - Bootlicking pervert fiend and beat, reportedly (11) - I believe that the answer is "sycophantcy" but am struggling with the clue.
6dn - Where to see game in grand fashion (11) - I have ??e?s?n?t?n
Finally , why is 54ac - Standard Agatha Christie (4) , "norm"?
Many thanks in advance.


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6d chessington
1a sychophantic
54a- I don't think that's the exact clue
The AC NOVEL was " N or M "
Sicko + fan + tick
Chess in g ton
"N or M?" by AC
6d chessington
Question Author
Thanks to all and sorry about the missing "novel ?" from 54ac.
Note spelling of 1ac. It's SYCOPHANTIC !

The answer is sycophantic. Easy one this week!

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Sat Times Jumbo Cryptic No 998 1ac, 6 dn and 54ac

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