EV 1032: 12 Down

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DocHH | 17:39 Sun 19th Aug 2012 | Crosswords
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Hello EVers,
I always chortle at the name of this week's compiler, but expect a tough work-out. This week was no exception! As ecpected, had to work on the periphery, then, sort of encroach onto 12d! Had to wait a while before the PDM of the 3 word entry!

Apologies for absence for the past 2 weeks. am currently working backwards on 1031 and 1030. With good weather and lots of summer events on the south coast visitors abound! They don't seem to appreciate that EV takes priority on a sunday over sightseeing! Strangely Herself seems to agree with them! Clue-ing on both doesn't seem too straightforward, but I suppose I'll get there!
Time for a cold beer on the patio!


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^even expected!
Hello Doc, also been missing over the past couple of weeks, just got snowed under and couldn't cope at all, really wanted to stay in bed and pull the covers up but sadly not an option! Managed to dodge the raindrops and got the final 40 acres in which lifted the pressure and grumpiness no end. Reached the most marked of all milestone yesterday and was greeted by an innundation of greetings (3 of which were 5 years too young!) which brought an unexpected tear to the aged eye + plus a bottle of Hendrick's which is enough to bring anybody out of the 'Slough of Despond'.
Have got on very well with the grid and think I have 'clocked' the theme but am rather unhappy with the wordplay on a number of entries, seem to have got there by lateral ratjher that appraised logic from the clues....will plod on!
Worked this one on planes and in hotel rooms as i am getting kid 2 back to school this weekend. A vaguely unsatisfying endgame for me. The highlighting did not do much for me. Back in stlouis tonight.
Nearly there, but can someone help me with 6d please? Not sure if it begins with an 'e' or a 't'. Either way I'm stuck on it as I'm unsure of the other letters.
Forget my last post - have now got 6d and have completed.
Hi all,

I guessed you might be snowed under Devadolly. The previous two weeks were not the easiest of EV's I found. Like you, for this current EV several of my answers are rather more intuitive than logical.
I now have a completed grid but unhappy about wordplay for 8d and 33d. Also concerned that one of my two clues without definition doesn't seem to have much connection if any, with the 'no-no's. Otherwise all done and dusted.
Hello everyone,
I think that I have completed this puzzle correctly but there are two clue answers i would appreciate confirmation on, these being 12ac and 17 ac. I have no idea what a greek goddess repository is and also the ship's small boat. Can you enlighten me please.
Spent the afternoon watching the Test. Gallant attempt by England.
Thank you in advance for any tips and help.
Hi All
I found this relatively straight forward as the overall theme was very familiar (I would have perhaps preferred 60s as an alternative title) but am also slightly perplexed by word-play - of 8d and 12a. I can help with one or two others though. 17a - the small boat is 4 letters long starting with y. The definition is at the end of the clue. 33d's definition is the first word. Shorten the next two words to one letter each and you will be on the way!
Congrats devadolly on your milestone :-)
Celebrated daughter's A level success last week and now trying to get her organised for uni. Wars of the Roses #2 as she is off to Lancaster!!
12a: The def is "Greek goddess's and the answer is 7 letters long.

8d is simply a double definition (although the answer is not defined as such as a headword in Chambers, but is listed as a variant spelling of a similar headword.)

I have a 3-word phrase for 12d but do not understand how it or the two unclued entries are no-no's. Just because the words characterize the word 'no-no' does not make them no-no's. What am I missing?

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EV 1032: 12 Down

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