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shooty | 12:04 Fri 29th Jun 2012 | Crosswords
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Morning all. Have finished, but can you parse 5 for me please.

1a Former Palestinian group's occasionally dirty deed (7)
E?P?O?T (exploit)

12a Colour in black books left, say, in wooden ware (6,5)
B?T?L? / G?E?N (bottle green)

16a Tightly connected kin possibly not outed? (5,4)
C?O?E / ?N?T (close knit)

23a Spread out sea cow close to front (7)
E?A?A?E (emanate)

2d Unnamed Greek blocks each piece of music - extradite him? (7,3,5)
P?R?O?A / ?O? / G?A?A (persona non grata)


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treen is wooden ware

closet (as in not outed as gay?)

manatee = e moved to front
16 kin in closet
1 former EX
palestinian group PLO
IT ..odd letters in dirty
anon gr sonata per
All I can make of it
1a) ex + P.L.O. + (d)I(r)T(y)

12a) black = B, books = O.T. left = L, say = E.G. wooden ware = TREEN
=> B OT TlegREEN

16d) anagram of 'kin' in (the) 'closet'

23a) move the last letter of MANATEE to the front

2d) unnamed = ANON, greek = GR, each = PER, piece of music = SONATA
=> PER SONanongrATA
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Thank you all so much. Kicking myself with 1a and 16a. : )

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