Daily Mail Prize Crossword Tuesday June 26th 2012

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shooty | 14:19 Tue 26th Jun 2012 | Crosswords
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two to parse please.

20a Old boy probes
untidy drawer f
or clothes

this is exactly how it is written. (f and or on seperate lines) it may be vital to the parse.


Answer is WARDROBE, but why ?

22a For scholars, Latin repetition's ongoing.


Answer is LITERATI, but why ?


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drawer + ob
20a) old boy = OB inside anagram [=untidy] of 'drawer'

22a) latin = L, repetition's ongoing = ITERATI(on)
20a. Wardrobe( Anagram of drawer round ob=old boy)
22a. Litarati L= latin = iterati(on)
lati (n) re
n going
Sorry Shooty Literati
Question Author
Thank you ALL. : )
I prefer danny's parsing for literati
Question Author
Yes sibers, Danny and BB both had it cracked. A bit annoyed with myself for not working them out after i had the answers, but you can't win them all. Thanks again to everyone that shed light. : )
literation without on (on going)

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Daily Mail Prize Crossword Tuesday June 26th 2012

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