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hankir | 02:47 Mon 02nd Apr 2012 | Crosswords
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Still struggling. Have gotten the "APRIL FOOL" part done.

These two still not done.

2 Allowing little time with preliminary sketch, crude (6)
Answer seems to be TROUGH, but it's a guess.

13 Fish for all to see in little old boats (6)

Thanks for your help.


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2 though

13 cottus
2 cryptic gives t rough - defn is though
I've gone with trough as I decided to use the alternates to spell April fool and that gave the r in April I thought.

Did you do the same ros?
yes - I went with the letters of April Fool too.
It depends on when you were doing the puzzle -i.e before noon or after!
I hadn't heard that before K. I guess Azed will have to trust you know what time of day it was.
Azed has clarified the ambiguity here-


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